Whitstable Tasting Events

at the english wine room

The english wine room offers private group tastings and events tailored to your preference.

Over the course of two hours, in groups of ten to fourteen guests, we will sample 8 local wines from the vineyards of Kent. You will be invited to make tasting notes on each wine and learn of the grape varieties, locality of the vineyard and the story of the winemaker.

English Wine Tasting Room Whitstable
English Wine Room 2023

A typical tasting session would be at one of the following times over weekends and bank holidays;

  • Pre Lunch : 12pm – 2pm
  • Post Lunch : 3pm – 5pm
  • Pre Dinner : 6pm – 8pm

On weekdays, just the 6 – 8pm session is available though please do ask for a special occasion.

Each tasting is for a pre-booked group at £50 per person. The wines are for the group to enjoy and are not limited to the tasting sample.

If individuals, couples or smaller groups are interested, then there will be regular ‘open table’ dates available made up of like-minded people (subject to a minimum of 10 people).

We will also explore wine lands beyond Kent, across England and Wales, further on to the old and new world wine regions. Ciders, Perrys, Spirits and Cocktails will also feature so please see our diary of events for more information.

Please get in touch to discuss your booking.

Wine Tasting Whitstable